Sally Cruikshank’s Zolo Cartoons

The Zolo spirit (and sometimes music) is brilliantly captured in Sally’s animated shorts.

Check out the other work which she has generously uploaded on Youtube:

Also be sure to buy her DVD.


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Zolo De La Movida

La Movida Madrileña was the name for the Madrid based Spanish New Wave movement.

It was a rich scene that produced dozens of great bands representing the varied styles of the New Wave. One of the styles La Movida nailed was Zolo, which manifested itself in the mainstream more so than any other New Wave movement globally (with Japan being the possible exception).

I picked out three of my favorite La Movida Zolo hits:

Alaska y Los Pegamoides – Bote de Colon

Mecano –  Maquillaje

Las Chinas – Hombre Salvaje

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I finally got a Hikashu LP–so to celebrate:

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Lucrate Milk – Live!

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Daily ZoLo on Pownce

I am going to attempt to do a daily Zolo mp3 share on Pownce.

Please let me know if you want to subscribe and I will send you an invitation.

You will be able to stream the mp3 on Pownce, or download it.

The first tune of the project is C-catch a F-Falling Star by The Hybrid Kids.

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Buried Treasure!

This will take a little digging, but you will be rewarded for your effort!

Buried in the Flash site linked below is a Twinart video for their 1979 band, Taste Test.

The video is fantastic and stylish, the music is pure DIY Zonk–a true gem.

Instructions: —-> click on “Website”—-> click on “About” —-> click on “Video Artists”

Twinart plan to put the video up on Youtube eventually. Please comment on this post to encourage them!

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Iron-On Zolo

Video for Wazmo Nariz’s Iron-On Courage

You’ll see the link on the right, after the hop. Thanks to Jeff Boynton (Wazmo’s keyboardist) for pointing me to this.

July 18, 2007 at 10:35 am 4 comments

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