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The Models From Australia

I had never heard this band before but found their interesting video comp on youtube. Watch for the clip of the song with the waltz beat for Zolo satisfaction. What’s your favorite sammy spread?

Here’s a more post-punky track–not Zolo, but still good:

More info from Wikipedia.


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Eyeball Popping Madness

The Yummy Fur were from Glasgow. They formed in 1992 and kept at it for several years. In their first 4 years they produced a unique slew of fast tempo, short duration, Zolo-garage tunes. The first 3 singles contained the zany barrage, which would later end up on a single CD called Kinky Cinema. Since nothing else sounds quite like it, here are some examples:

 Yummy Fur – Xplosion MP3

Yummy Fur – Lilliput MP3

Yummy Fur – Eyeball Popping Madness MP3

Yummy Fur – Candy Clarke MP3

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The Girls and Shut Up

The Girls were a unique and utterly weird band from Boston. They existed from the late 1970’s into the early 80’s. During their existence they only released one single, Jeffrey I Hear You, which was produced by David Thomas (of Pere Ubu) and released on his label. A few years after the band boke up, a Boston label called Brasch reissued some collected studio recordings, along with Jeffrey I Hear You, on an LP called Reunion. A live CD is currently available; it is called Live At the Rathskeller.

More BIO here. The Girls – Okey Dokey MP3 (Brasch, 1986)

After The Girls broke up, keyboardist Robin Amos formed Shut Up. The band alternated between dark, often industrial, sounds and brighter wiggly Zolo and Zonk tracks on their only LP, Hell in a Handbasket (which came out on Brasch Records the same year as The Girls Reunion LP).

Shut Up – Every MP3 (Brasch, 1986)

Zom Zoms covered Shut Up’s Stiff Birds a couple years ago. Here is some video shot by Brian of Yip Yip.

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Fibonaccis MP3s and video!

Terry Sharkie sufficiently covers LA band The Fibonaccis on the Zolophile homepage. They’re great!

Be sure to check out their homepage, which has loads of mp3s to download:

Or visit their Myspace page for a quick listen.

Fibs keyboardist John Dentino recently posted on youtube a video for the Fibonaccis’ excellent cover of Purple Haze. Deve!

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Just When You Think You’ve Seen It All – pt. 4

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Polka Dot Tops, Part 2

Several years ago I found Monitor’s 1979 single Beak at Antone’s Records here in Austin. The a-side quickly became one of my favorite Zolo tunes. It has a feel similar to the zany Residents Zolo classic Loser=Weed. Pet Wedding is also fun, with its hilarious lyrics and DIY antics. I tracked down the self-titled LP and second single, both of which are less impressive than Beak/Pet Wedding. The LP is more experimental and ambient and the second single is more pop (and surf!)–both are good, though.
Monitor – Beak MP3

Monitor – Pet Wedding MP3

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